EU students in the UK will have to pay more

As part of historic agreement to leave EU, Britain will now leave Erasmus exchange scheme

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Students from European Union nations will have pay more to be educated in Britain as the UK's participation in Erasmus comes to an end.
For students wanting to study in the UK and sample the British lifestyle, their education is now going to cost more.
Erasmus is an EU student exchange scheme that guarantees EU students do not pay more than domestic ones, and Britain will no longer participate after the historic Brexit deal was signed on Thursday.
British students who wish to attend EU universities will also encounter higher fees abroad and added visa requirements.
While some British universities may still attract international students, others fear alarming cuts in revenue
International scholars have made Britain the world's second-most popular educational destination after the US, injecting £25.8 billion ($34bn) into the UK economy in 2015.
"It's getting quite difficult to decide if the UK will be the place the best students are going to come," said Polish graduate Michal Gren, 23, who is considering applying for a Master's degree in Britain.

Daniel Haid, a 27-year-old German student at Sheffield Hallam University in northern England, said he had asked other EU students whether they would apply again now.
"The answer is usually straight-up 'no'," said Mr Haid, who is in the second year of a doctorate in sports engineering and acts as a student ambassador.
"We have the luxury of being EU citizens. We have so many good options instead," he said.

"For sure, there will unfortunately be less European students, I'm afraid," said Laura Langone, 31, who is the third year of a philosophy doctorate at the University of Cambridge.

"I know many people who were discouraged from applying, people who will start their degree from September 2021."
According to UK parliament research, there were 143,000 EU students in British universities in the 2018-2019 academic year.