'Ijaza': Arabic for holiday shines in summer but is not stress-free

There is more to ijaza than a simple getaway

Ijaza can shine on your summer plans but can also refer to official documents, permits and warrants.
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The word holiday is usually the first translation that comes to mind when considering the Arabic word ijaza, especially here and now as the temperature nears its stifling annual peak and the Eid Al Adha celebrations are upon us.

But there is more to ijaza than merely a getaway. The word can shine on your summer plans just as much as it can refer to official documents, permits and even warrants. So not all is stress-free in this trisyllabic thicket.

But first the fun stuff.

Ijaza saeeda is happy holiday. Ijazat al sayf is a summer holiday. Ijaza madrasiyya is a holiday from school. Ijazat amal is a break from work. Ijazat al eid is the Eid holiday. Utla is also a synonym for ijaza and can be used interchangeably in most of the above expressions.

Ijaza can also signify a leave from work that is not much of a holiday. Ijazat al umuma, for instance, is maternity leave. For sick leave, you could say ijaza maradiyya.

Ijaza can also refer to an official document, certificate or licence. Ijazat isteerad wa tasdeer is an import and export licence. Ijazat qiyada is a driving licence. Ijazat ikhtiraa is a patent for an invention. Ijaza can mean an academic degree, for instance ijaza handasiyya (engineering degree) or ijazat huqooq (law degree).

But best not to linger your ijazas at the desk, especially if you’ve managed to get some time off work or school.

Whether you’re planning on unwinding in the country or nursing a Covid-curbed wanderlust, ijaza saeeda.

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Updated: July 08, 2022, 6:02 PM