Woman in Dubai court accused of killing housemaid

Emirati S A denied a charge of assaulting K Q, who holds a Comoros Islands passport, with an electric cable and a wooden stick and causing her death.

DUBAI // A woman beat her maid to death with a wooden stick and electric cord, the Dubai Criminal Court was told.

Prosecutors said Emirati S A, who denied assaulting K Q, would regularly beat the maid in the months leading up to her death on December 28 last year.

The victim did not receive medical treatment for the multiple injuries she suffered.

K M, a 19-year-old maid who holds a Comoros Islands passport, said that she started working for S A in December last year and saw her beat K Q.

“She would punch her and kick her. I was sent to work in S A’s sister’s house where I was beaten by the sister. Five days later, I asked S A to take me back,” said K M.

She said that upon her return she saw S A beat K Q, pull her hair and shove her.

K M was then sent back to work for S A’s sister.

A forensic report showed that K Q suffered burns, and there were human bite marks on her body and several other injuries that had turned septic.

The next hearing will be on March 23.