Witness who filmed viral road rage video in Dubai arrested by police

Authorities issue new warning about UAE's laws around photography and social media

A driver and a parking valet have been charged with endangering lives over a bizarre road rage incident in Dubai.

The valet repeatedly jumped on the bonnet of a moving car after a row over a parking ticket.

A 78-second video clip that captured the incident, which appeared to show a man putting his life at risk as he climbed on to the car and refused to move, went viral after it was uploaded to social media sites on Tuesday. The individual who shot the film was also arrested on Wednesday.

The man climbs back on to the bonnet of the car on a number of occasions as the driver continues to jolt forwards. The incident took place at Madinet Jumeirah, near the Dubai Holding building.

Dubai Police have since issued a renewed warning about the UAE’s laws surrounding the taking of pictures of others without their permission, particularly if the images are then uploaded online.

Doing so is illegal, and those guilty of breaking the law can face fines of up to Dh500,000 and a jail sentence, police said.

People should “absolutely not photograph other people or circulate videos" even if it was done in good faith, said Lt Col Faisal Al Kassem of Dubai Police.

In an update on the force’s Facebook page, Lt Col Kassem added: “These behaviours harm others and defame them. In addition it does not comply with the UAE's traditions and cultures.”

He said any disputes, incidents or crimes witnessed by members of the public should be reported directly to the police.

The video shows a parking valet in dispute with the driver of a small car. Both the valet and the female motorist have been summoned to Bur Dubai Police Station.

In a post on its official Instagram account, Dubai Police said tempers had flared after the valet blocked the woman's path following a disagreement over whether she had given him the correct parking ticket.

Police have not disclosed when the incident took place.