Ugandan pair tried to buy iPhones with forged cards, Dubai court hears

The men were detained by a group of 12 staff at the electronics store after allegedly trying to use a forged credit card to buy the mobile phones.

DUBAI // Two men were captured by staff at an electronics shop after trying to buy iPhones with a forged credit card, a court has heard.

Ugandans N W, 28, and F W, 27, are charged with forging airport entry and exit permits and using Ugandan passports and a credit card that were also fake.

The Criminal Court heard that on October 24 last year, the defendants entered an electronics shop in Al Refaa and asked Indian salesman S F, 37, for an iPhone 5.

He told him that they were out of stock, so N W requested five older model iPhones and 10 mobiles of a different brand.

“I got suspicious and asked N W how he would like to pay for the mobiles, so he told me that he would pay using a credit card and gave it to me,” the salesman said.

“The credit card looked forged. It had clear signs of tampering on it, so I told my co-workers in an Indian language that these two individuals were using a forged credit card and requested that they help me capture them.”

Twelve staff members restrained the pair and called police.

“N W showed resistance and F W begged us to let him go, offering us a bag that contained large number of mobile phones. Of course I refused to take them,” the salesman said.

Prosecutors said the Ugandans were holding two forged credit cards, and a passport with a fake picture, details and entry stamps.

N W denied all charges except using fake credit cards. F W denied all charges and told the judge that all he did was accompany N W to the store.

The next hearing was scheduled for May 27.

Published: May 19, 2014 04:00 AM