Abu Dhabi Police release shocking crash footage to highlight dangers of distracted driving

Force warns of perils of motorists using phones, talking to passengers and applying make-up when behind the wheel

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Abu Dhabi Police has released dramatic car-crash footage to drive home the dangers of being distracted when behind the wheel.

The force shared a video on social media showing a series of accidents, including one motorist smashing into a vehicle at high speed which was coming to a stop due to heavy traffic ahead.

The police traffic division said the main causes of losing focus on the road include using a mobile phone, talking to passengers, taking photos and carrying out personal grooming such as applying make-up.

Such distractions can lead to serious accidents, police said.

Motorists failing to pay attention to the road can be fined up to Dh800 and have four traffic points placed on their licence.

Abu Dhabi Police regularly post footage on social media of motorists causing accidents by flouting traffic regulations in a bid to raise awareness of the serious consequences of reckless driving.

In May, the force released video of a multi-car collision caused by distracted driving and stopping in the middle of the road.

The CCTV footage, released on the force's social media channels on Friday, shows a 4x4 slowing to a halt on a busy motorway in Abu Dhabi after suffering a mechanical fault.

A car travelling behind swerves at the last minute, barely avoiding the 4x4, but a van fails to spot the stationary vehicle and hits it at speed.

Updated: July 01, 2022, 1:41 PM