Abu Dhabi Police video of multi-car collision highlights dangers of distracted driving

Motorists face Dh800 fine and four black points for not paying due care and attention when behind the wheel

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Video released by Abu Dhabi Police has shown a multi-car collision caused by distracted driving and stopping in the middle of the road.

The CCTV footage, released on the force's social media channels on Friday, shows a 4x4 slowing to a halt on a busy motorway in Abu Dhabi after suffering a fault.

A car travelling behind swerves at the last minute, barely avoiding the 4x4, but a van fails to spot the stationary vehicle and collides into it at speed.

The force of the collision throws the 4x4 across the road into another car. This car is then hit from behind by another.

Most other vehicles can then be seen slowing down to avoid the pile-up, with debris strewn across the road.

The force urged drivers to try to move to the hard shoulder, if possible, in the event of an accident. If that is not possible, they are urged to call the police.

Drivers were also warned against using their phones to take pictures, turning to talk to passengers in the car or adjusting their make-up or physical appearance while at the wheel.

An inattentive driver faces an Dh800 fine and four black points on their licence, the force said.

Abu Dhabi Police frequently posts videos showing traffic breaches as part of a safety drive.

In February, the force released footage highlighting the risks of drivers switching lanes without indicating.

Updated: May 06, 2022, 12:57 PM