Masdar Institute scientists develop weather prediction system

ABU DHABI // Masdar Institute scientists have come up with an accurate system to predict extreme weather.

The “hydro-climate” model has also shown that the UAE’s weather has been getting hotter and drier, particularly in Abu Dhabi.

Data collected shows climate extremes in the UAE, such as long periods without rain, extremely high temperatures, dust storms and flash floods, are going to increase in intensity and frequency.

“The development of the UAE’s hydro-climate models underpins Masdar Institute’s mission of providing sustainable, high-tech solutions to the issues of climate change affecting the country. These hydro-climate models can be used to ensure proper water resource management, agricultural development, renewable energy deployment, and public health and safety – all of which are key to the country’s prosperity,” said Dr Behjat Al Yousuf, interim provost at the Masdar Institute.

By accurately predicting the weather, it is hoped the system will help to mitigate harsh environmental effects and provide an opportunity to reduce their effect on human and economic activity.

"Our model predictions will provide the UAE with the crucial information needed to support decision-making processes in a number of fields, including water resources management, public health planning and renewable energy development, thus bringing Abu Dhabi closer to its goals of increased welfare, security and sustainability for its people and their future," said Dr Taha Ouarda, professor of water and environmental engineering at Masdar Institute and head of the Institute Centre for Water and Environment.

“One of the aims of this project is to be able to plan for rare and extreme weather events,” Dr Ouarda said.

“The bottom line is that we need a good understanding of local hydro-climate and large-scale climate variability to better predict extremes in this region,” said Dr Annalisa Molini, assistant professor of water and environmental engineering.


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