Friday sermon: daughters are one of Allah's biggest blessings.

The sermon will tell worshippers that daughters are of great honour and nobility

Daughters are one of Allah's biggest blessings, the sermon will tell worshippers on Friday.

Allah has specifically identified daughters as being of great honour and nobility, for he mentioned them before mentioning sons.

“He gives to whom He wills girls, and He gives to whom He wills boys," the Quran reads.

The Prophet Mohammed also directed us to always ensure we look after their needs and guard them from danger, the sermon will continue.

He promised whoever is given daughters and is able to honour them, then they in turn will be looked after and safeguarded from torment on the day of judgment.

The Prophet would rejoice at the birth of a daughter, giving them the best and noblest of names, worshippers will hear.

Honouring daughters and looking after them, then, means paying attention to their education. For this is what the Prophet specifically emphasised, the sermon reads.

A successful family is one where attention is paid to education, especially that of girls ensuring the best upbringing for them.

In other words, raising a daughter means companionship of the Prophet in Paradise - and what an amazing gift that is, worshippers will hear.

The Prophet also used to consult with his daughters about their marriage, honouring them, and giving them their rights, the sermon will continue.

His care and concern for them would continue even after their marriage, so the Prophet would visit them in their homes, sitting with them and asking how they were.

They also would consult him whenever they had any problems, seeking his counsel and support, the sermon reads. He was a model of a caring father and anxious to ensure their happiness and the happiness of their households.

So may Allah bless us in our daughters. And preserve and keep safe our children, making them a means of happiness for us, the sermon will conclude.

Updated: June 7, 2019 10:14 AM


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