Blind Emirati poet’s powerful song of hope celebrates UAE's Golden Jubilee

Mohammed Aleghfeli's poem set to music brings to life deep bond between citizens and country's leaders

A stirring song that highlights the affection and respect that Emirati people with special needs have for the country’s Rulers has struck an emotional chord.

The song Of Determination is based on a poem written by a well-respected UAE poet and reflects the deep bond citizens have with the country’s leaders.

I wanted it to be a song where people of determination have a voice
Mohammed Aleghfeli, Emirati poet

“It’s a very simple poem and talks about our determination and the support we get,” said Mohammed Aleghfeli, an Emirati who works with the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department of the Dubai government.

“I wanted a song that was for all people of determination. I wanted it to be a song where people of determination have a voice.”

The 35-year-old worked with four other visually impaired UAE musicians to bring the words to life.

The song has been shared on social media and has captured the attention of the Emirati community.

“Mohammed is a renowned poet. He is very well respected in the literary scene and is not only classified by his condition,” said Bedour Al Raqbani, an Emirati special needs inclusion activist.

“His writings are very strong and his voice is always heard. He is a professional who holds his weight when it comes to poetry.

“I have seen a lot of people posting about it. It is really very authentic.”

The project was conceptualised by Amr Waheed, an Egyptian music teacher who works with the hearing-impaired in Dubai.

Those involved in the project felt it was important that the poem be written by a UAE national and delivered by singers with special needs so it could directly convey their feelings.

“This project combines three things I love in my life — the UAE, music and special needs,” said Mr Waheed, who worked for more than three months to plan and record the song.

“Getting everyone together to record and shoot the song was a challenge because people are working and in different emirates but it was worth every minute.

“This country gives a chance to people who want to succeed. It is our small present for the UAE on 50 years.”

The song calls for peace for the country and marks the achievements and challenges that the UAE and its people have encountered.

The visuals show historical footage displaying the development of infrastructure, roads and important buildings across the UAE.

It focuses on the deep connection that the country’s leaders have with the citizens, their bond with the younger generation and also how people with special needs have excelled in various sectors including their efforts in the Special Olympics.

Mr Aleghfeli believes inclusion and continuing support from society in education, jobs and cultural activities is the path towards the future.

“I have a lot of ideas and want to continue to work in the creative field, in music and art. There is no limit to the future,” he said.

'Of Determination'

Peace be upon you, my country

Home of the honourable leaders

May you live for 50 and a thousand years in glory and peace.

Fifty years of hope

Fifty years of struggle

Fifty years of work

Fifty years of success

Fifty years of ambition

For 50 years, my country recorded glorious achievements

In my country, my flag rises high

We, the people of determination, have our heads above mountain peaks

Nations are proud of us for winning great championships

Our leaders always endorse us

They are our treasure and safeguard

Not a single challenge hinders us from being absolutely determined

Fifty years. Fifty years of hope. Fifty years of struggle

Fifty years of work. Fifty years of success. Fifty years of ambition

For 50 years, my country recorded glorious achievements

In my country, my flag rises high

To our country, we send our loyalty

We thrived on its goodness in childhood

Under its wide, protective sky

We live surrounded by its love and blessings

Updated: December 2nd 2021, 4:00 AM