Daman launches online insurance renewals service

About 200,000 people from eight professions are expected to benefit by Abu Dhabi Basic service.

DUBAI // An estimated 200,000 people in eight professions are expected to benefit from another new Daman service that allows individual sponsors to renew Abu Dhabi Basic plan insurance cards online for their staff.

Maids, babysitters, light and heavy vehicle drivers, chefs, farmers, private tutors, nurses and doctors are all expected to be able to use the service.

Chief process officer at Daman, Hamad Abdulla Al Mehyas, said: β€œThe online system offers even more convenience to our clients by allowing them to complete the renewal process from their home and eliminate the need to visit a branch.”

The online process is expected to take just two working days to complete.

The cost of the government-supported Abu Dhabi Basic plan cards is Dh600 for those earning Dh5,000 or less – if accommodation is not provided - or Dh4,000 or less if accommodation is provided.

Daman currently has 1.3 million members under the plan.

A mobile app is also under construction and the use of Emirates ID as an alternative identifier at medical facilities is also on track to be released this year.


Published: August 12, 2015 04:00 AM