Ask yourself: 'How badly do you want it?'

The National's reporter Mohammed Al Khan lost 6kg during the campaign, but he is determined to continue to reach his goal weight.

Ever the procrastinator, I waited until the last possible moment to gingerly step on the scales.

But I need not have feared. At 143.4kg, I had lost 6.1kg – which equated to 12 grams of gold. I know I could have done better, but

I’m happy with the weight I lost. Counting the 6kg I lost before the campaign, that was 12kg in about two months. Not too shabby.

As for the gold, I might give it to my nieces as a gift.

During the competition, I met someone who had already accomplished my dream – to reach a goal weight. His words – “How badly do you want it?” – stuck with me.

Every time I reached for something I knew I shouldn’t eat my inner voice asked that question. Most of the time, it was enough for me to change my mind. Most of the time, is a good start.

I don’t know how long  this question’s potency will last, but so long as it does I will keep asking it. How badly do you want it?

If you’re honest with yourself the answer may surprise you.

* Mohammed N Al Khan

Published: September 4, 2013 04:00 AM