UAE public holidays: when is the next day off?

Residents will have to wait until July for the next national holiday

As many private sector workers across the UAE return to work after the three-day Eid Al Fitr break, many are already planning what to do for the next public holiday.

So, when is the next day off in the UAE?

Residents have just over two months to wait for the next national holiday, and there will be several days off work throughout the month of July.

Although Arafat Day is marked on July 9, it will fall on a Saturday when most people will already be off work.

As such, the next public holiday will be for Eid Al Adha, which is due to begin on Sunday, July 10.

It is likely staff will have a long weekend from Saturday, July 9 to Tuesday, July 12, but this will depend on the moon sighting.

At the end of the month is the Islamic New Year, which will begin on Saturday, July 30, so it is unlikely workers will benefit from a day off.

It is more than two months from then until the next observation. Prophet Mohammed’s birthday is celebrated on October 8, but because it falls on a Saturday a long weekend is unlikely.

In December, Commemoration Day and National Day will be the next potential long weekend off for many.

Commemoration Day will be marked on November 30 and the UAE National Day celebrated on December 2.

The official days off for these dates have been listed as being from Thursday, December 1 until Sunday, December 4.

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Updated: May 05, 2022, 10:21 AM