Engineering company pledges to recruit 500 Emiratis into oil and gas sector

AlMansoori Specialised Engineering will train graduates in engineering, operations and health and safety roles

A private sector engineering company has pledged to bring 500 Emiratis into the oil and gas sector as part of a long-term recruitment drive.

In line with the government’s Nafis programme, which was launched last month to attract more young Emiratis into the private sector, AlMansoori Specialised Engineering has vowed to increase its Emirati workforce.

As part of the pledge, it will train promising Emirati graduates to work within the company in areas such as engineering, operations and health and safety roles.

This process includes intensive theoretical and hands-on training to equip new employees with the skills needed to take them further in the oil and gas sector.

AlMansoori Specialised Engineering was one of the first private-sector Emirati companies to operate in oil and gas.

Established in Abu Dhabi in 1977, it currently has more than 3,800 employees, with a presence in 14 countries on two continents.

Ibrahim Al Alawi, AlMansoori’s deputy chief executive, said the company prides itself on its commitment to health, happiness, safety, quality and the environment. He said “such an environment would be an ideal place for fresh Emirati graduates to start their careers”.

Last month, the UAE government announced a new target to ensure that 10 per cent of private-sector workforces comprises UAE citizens within the next five years.

The vast majority of Emiratis work in the public sector, and the government wants to encourage 75,000 into private companies within this timescale.

Updated: October 14, 2021, 4:32 AM