This Abu Dhabi recycling factory turns thousands of old tyres into fuel

Old tyres are diverted from landfill to cement manufacturing

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An Abu Dhabi factory is recycling 100,000 old tyres a year.

The environmental initiative prevents pollution by ensuring they don't end up on landfill sites.

Tyres are flammable and removing them from landfill can stop fires breaking out. They can also take hundreds of years to degrade.

Instead they are repurposed for use as fuel in cement manufacturing.

The expanded facility will go a long way in saving energy and cutting related costs

The factory has recycled 17,000 tonnes of tyres since the start of the year and a recent upgrade allows it to handle 100,000 tonnes - up from 70,000.

Tadweer, Abu Dhabi's Centre for Waste Management, along with Italian partner, Tarheel, are running the facility.

"The opening of our expanded used tyre recycling facility is aligned with Tadweer’s strategic objective of converting used tyres from an economic burden into a valuable economic resource," said Salem Al Kaabi, director general of Tadweer.

“In addition to reducing the adverse effects of scrap tyres on public health and the environment, the expanded facility will go a long way in saving energy and cutting related costs," said Mr Al Kaabi.

Tadweer's aim is to reduce the health and environmental risks of burning tyres which causes serious damage to water, soil, air and public health.

It could also lead to diseases such as asthma, cancer and allergies.

The use of tyres as fuel allows cement manufacturers to reduce emissions and production costs. They are burnt at temperatures of 1000 to 1200°C resulting in an instantaneous and non-smokeless combustion.

“Tadweer will continue to utilise the latest recycling technologies and global best practices to achieve its goal of safeguarding public health, preserving the environment and supporting the sustainable development of Abu Dhabi."

Abu Dhabi is ramping up recycling facilities to achieve its aim of diverting 75 per cent of waste from landfill by next year.

A new plastic recycling plant was announced last week, while recycling depots were built across the emirate to encourage people to go green.