Dubai woman arrested for beating maid to death

Medical examiners confirmed the housekeeper was severely injured before her death

A woman has been arrested on charges of beating her African maid to death, Dubai Police have said.

The woman, a GCC national, called for an ambulance to her home in Al Nahda this year, claiming her maid fell into a coma after falling down the stairs.

“Upon arrival, paramedics said the maid was dead and signs of torture were found on her body,” said Col Ahmed Al Marri, director of crime scenes at Dubai Police.

The maid’s body was transferred to the forensic lab to be analysed by medical examiners.

“Medical examiners confirmed the housekeeper was severely injured on various parts of her body and some of the bruises occurred a while before her death,” said Col Al Marri.

Police questioned the building’s security guard and the neighbours, who said they heard the maid screaming while being beaten by her employer. Sometimes, the maid could not walk after being hit, Dubai Police learned.

Investigations found the maid died due to continuously being beaten up by the GCC national.

“While the suspect was questioned and her husband was taking care of the children at the home in Al Nahda, he sent a message by mistake to the victim’s friend saying ‘I warned her not to hit the maid and now she is involved in a murder case’,” said Col Al Marri

The victim’s friend, Asian, rushed to police and showed them the message. Police asked the GCC national woman about the claim and she confessed to punching the housemaid in the head, causing her death.

The woman has been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution.

Col Al Marri urged residents to treat housemaids with respect and kindly.