Dubai police equipped to deal with 'any riots'

Dubai Police peacefully dispersed 26 riots in 2010.

Police in Dubai say they are well poised to deal with any civil unrest that may arise, citing their successful handling of 26 incidents last year.

Maj Gen Mohammed Al Mansouri, the director of the general department of organisation for protective security and emergency at Dubai Police, yesterday said the department had made great strides in managing large crowds since it was formed in 1999.

"When our personnel move in to deal with labour strikes, for example, their actions are based on discovering the truth - the truth of the justice of the labourers' requests from the company they work at," Gen Al Mansouri said.

"That is why, in most cases, police succeed in ending the strikes in a peaceful way."

Police successfully resolved six labour strikes in the emirate last year.

The department also provided security for the opening of the Burj Khalifa last year, and successfully deactivated a terrorist's bomb found hidden in a package at Cargo Village in Dubai International Airport.

Other operations carried out last year included 559 operations to secure sports stadiums.

The department also deployed a new electronic baton that can quickly immobilise up to 100 rioters at once without any permanent effects.

It was invented by the director of the Dubai Police emergency division, Brig Gen Ahmed Al Mansouri.

"The department has succeeded in changing the perspective of it being a repressive body," said Maj Gen Al Mansouri.

Published: August 14, 2011 04:00 AM


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