Dubai beach offenders made to sign no-repeat pledges

Thousands made to promise not to repeat offenses against beach codes in Dubai.

Dubai authorities made about 10,000 offenders of beach codes - from peeping Toms and loiterers to swimmers in improper attire and sneaky photographers - sign no-repeat pledges in 2012, according to the Arabic-language newspaper Al Ittihad, the sister paper of The National.

Lt Col Abdullah Al Mazyoud, head of the ports police in Dubai, said about 3,000 more pledges were signed last year compared to 2011, due to the rising numbers of beachgoers, who totalled nearly 4 million across the emirate last year.

Meanwhile, marine accidents and crimes such as theft on the beach have decreased markedly, Lt Col Al Mazyoud added, and no jet-ski deaths or injuries were reported.