Three men arrested over Dh660,000 heist at Sharjah home

A safe containing the large sum of cash was stolen during break-in

Three men have been arrested after a safe containing Dh660,000 was stolen from a home in Sharjah.

The victim's home was broken into on June 25, with raiders making their escape without leaving a trace of evidence.

Police said they believed the gang targeted the address as they were aware its businessman owner kept money at the property.

Officers set about narrowing down potential offenders to those who had recently been in contact with the occupant.

“There were no leads or cameras to help us identify the thieves,” said Brig Ibraheem Al Ajel, Sharjah Police’s CID director.

“But investigators worked non-stop according to a theory that whoever stole the safe must have met the victim recently and knew he kept his safe at home.

“Officers were focused on tracking down the thieves before they could spend the money, and they succeeded in recovering the amount in full.”

The investigation soon honed in on two potential suspects, who were arrested within 24-hours of the crime taking place.

They admitted their role in the theft and told police of the role of a third man in the burglary

Brig Al Ajel said the break-in should act as a warning to people stashing large sums of money in their homes.

“Its a big mistake to leave large sums of money at home, this practice makes one’s home a target for thieves,” he said.

Police urged the public to deposit cash in banks rather than store it at home.

Published: July 1, 2020 02:24 PM