Abu Dhabi launches new traffic alert system

Flashing red, blue and yellow lights will warn drivers of hazards, bad weather and accidents

Abu Dhabi Police's new system uses coloured lights to alert drivers to hazards and adverse weather conditions. Photo: Abu Dhabi Police
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A road alert system designed to warn drivers of bad weather and traffic accidents has been launched in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Police said coloured lights would be used to alert drivers across the emirate about hazards and improve road safety.

The system will flash blue and red together to warn drivers of traffic incidents, while a yellow light will warn drivers of bad weather such as fog, rain or dust storms.

The alerts are powered by solar energy and internal batteries, and will be visible on the road at a distance of 200 metres, day and night.

The launch comes a week after Abu Dhabi Police released a crash video warning drivers not to tailgate.

The video, shared on social media, highlighted the dangers of leaving insufficient space between vehicles.

The footage showed a car tailgating another on a four-lane motorway in the emirate, leading to a crash into the central reservation.

Police said last week that drivers would be fined Dh400 ($108) for tailgating and given four black points on their licence.

New rules that mean motorists could receive fines of Dh400 for travelling below 120kph on sections of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road also came into effect this month.

The maximum speed on the route, which links Abu Dhabi and Dubai, will remain 140kph.

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Updated: May 15, 2023, 9:57 AM