Dubai shoppers hunt for Eid bargains and enjoy time with loved ones

Families came together to celebrate the holiday at Dubai Hills Mall, while others had eyes on discount deals

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Shoppers and families celebrating Eid Al Fitr turned out in droves at one of Dubai's most popular malls on Friday morning.

There were smiling faces as loved ones shared Eid meals together in Dubai Hills Mall, while others paced the avenues in order to be first to the festive bargains.

“We’ve come to the mall to celebrate Eid together as a family,” said Rajesh Bagree, a doctor from the UK who lives in Dubai.

“It’s a special holiday and it’s important to our family.

“Eid is always a festive occasion and there’s a special atmosphere around Dubai when it happens.”

There’s a special atmosphere around Dubai
Rajesh Bagree

Precious family time

Dr Bagree said his family chose to spend Eid in the mall to share a special family breakfast together.

“We don’t get a chance to spend this time together each week and that’s what is great about Eid,” he said.

“It’s all about family. Plus, it’s too hot to spend it outside.”

Jordanian Ruba Halim, who works in the public relations industry, took the opportunity to buy some clothes for her daughter as an Eid present.

“We were really too busy during Ramadan to get the chance so we’ve come here this morning,” said Ms Hasnain.

“Usually we'd try not to leave the house for Eid but this year was slightly different.”

Souhir Mani and Jessy Abou Souan wanted to get to the mall early to beat the crowds.

The UAE declared on Thursday that Eid Al Fitr would begin on Friday, meaning Thursday, April 29, was the last day of Ramadan.

There was a sense of celebration in the air in the mall as families and friends packed into restaurants to celebrate the holiday.

“We came here to have Eid breakfast together as a family,” said Rimla Hasnain, from Pakistan.

“It’s a special occasion so we wanted to do something nice together.”

Eid deals were also on the agenda.

Hafsa Haybe, from Somalia, said she wanted to treat herself to some new clothes. "There are always good deals this time of year," she said.

“Eid means a lot to me and I want to look my best.”

Early birds, such as Jessy Abou Souan from Lebanon, headed to the shops early to snap up special Eid offers in stores.

"I wanted to get here early and beat the crowds," said the human resources professional. "Later on, the place will be crowded."

Also hoping to catch an early bargain was South African Asteera Singh, who works in Dubai as a physiotherapist.

“To be honest, a lot of the deals I see aren’t that different from a few weeks ago but it’s still nice to be able to shop on Eid,” she said.

“I came early because it’s a bit quieter than other times and I’m hoping to pick up some new clothes.”

Sales engineer Ajin Anbrews, from India, decided to kill two birds with one stone, picking up some Eid bargains while spending quality time with his family.

"We’re here for two reasons – it’s a special holiday and I need to buy some shoes for my son," he said.

Updated: April 22, 2023, 3:58 AM