Indian artist creates life-size wax statue of his son's idol Sheikh Hamdan

Zakir Khan spent 38 days carving the detailed statue, which was made using 120kg of wax and is more than 1.7 metres tall

Zakir Khan, an artist and Sheikh Hamdan's super fan made first hand craved wax statue
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A talented artist who has sculpted a life-size wax statue of his son’s idol, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, is hoping to present it as a gift to the Crown Prince of Dubai.

Zakir Khan, 34, spent 38 days carving out the detailed statue, which was made using 120 kilograms of wax and stands at more than 1.7 metres tall.

Mr Khan, who lives in India, said his 8-year-old son Ayan is a huge fan of Sheikh Hamdan and dreams of one day meeting him, which inspired him to create the carving.

My son and I are big fans of Sheikh Hamdan. [Ayan] always dreams of meeting him. I decided to make a statue as a gift
Zahir Khan, artist

“He is a great inspirational leader for the youth around the world,” the father-of-one told The National.

“My son and I are big fans of Sheikh Hamdan. [Ayan] always dreams of meeting him. I decided to make a statue as a gift.

“It is the world’s first [Indian-made] hand-craved wax statue [of Sheikh Hamdan].”

In December last year, Mr Khan travelled to Dubai for several weeks and started work on the statue in a small room he rented in the city.

He returned home to India then travelled back to the city twice to continue work on the piece until it was finished.

Sheikh Hamdan - in pictures

“I came three times to Dubai on a visit visa to complete the statue. It took me more than 38 days to complete it,” said Mr Khan.

“It is not only a gift from me and my son to Sheikh Hamdan, but a gift from India.”

He finished carving the statue in March and received a World Records India certificate for creating the first “Indian-made, hand-carved wax statue in a short span”.

Mr Khan returned to Dubai this month with his son in the hope of giving the statue to the Crown Prince.

“I have been tracking news about Sheikh Hamdan and have been watching his Instagram account and decided to come again to Dubai to post about the statue,” he said.

“He is a much-loved figure across the world. He always lives as a common man. He likes adventures, cycling and sports.

“He is an icon for youth and a source of inspiration.”

Mr Khan has also posted a video of the unique creation that has been viewed and shared by his followers.

In the past, he said he has also created chalk and pencil sketches of Sheikh Hamdan, as well as a one-dirham coin painting of the Crown Prince.

Updated: September 17, 2022, 11:01 AM