Dubai Police warn motorists not to stop on busy roads after accidents

About 7,600 drivers fined for the offence, which has led to three deaths this year

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Dubai Police have warned motorists involved in minor accidents not to stop vehicles in the middle of busy roads and motorways.

A senior officer told The National that many drivers stop in the middle of a road after a minor accident in an attempt to prove the other party was at fault.

“Dubai Police issued 7,600 tickets for drivers stopping in the middle of the road for no reason during the first half of this year,” said Brig Jumaa bin Suwaidan, deputy director of Dubai Police's Traffic Department.

“The problem is some drivers insist on stopping in the middle of the road following a minor accident to prove they are not behind the minor accident but they don’t know they can become responsible for deadly accidents.”

A total of 11,565 tickets were issued for the same offence in 2021.

The fine for the offence is Dh1,000 and six black points on a driving licence.

Dubai Police said five accidents had been recorded so far this year as a result of motorists stopping in the middle of the road following a minor accident, compared with 11 in the whole of 2021.

Three people have died and nine were injured this year as a result of the offence, compared with eight deaths and 21 injuries for the whole of last year.

Another common scenario police are dealing with is a vehicle breaking down or running out of fuel.

Brig bin Suwaidan said if motorists cannot move their vehicle, then they should use their hazard lights and stay on the side of the road.

“Stay alert and calm to avoid crashes with vehicles coming from behind,” he said.

“After staying in a safe spot, the driver can call the police. The patrols can reach the site in a record time to take precautionary measures to prevent accidents and preserve motorists' lives.”

He also urged motorists to carry out regular maintenance and checks on their vehicles, especially the tyres, which are one of the major reasons behind breakdowns and sudden stops.

“Always remember, serious accidents can happen in seconds,” the Dubai Police official warned.

According to data provided by vehicle insurers Tokio Marine and RoadSafetyUAE, which analysed almost 2,500 insurance claims, dehydration that causes a concentration lapse and road debris forcing cars to swerve were cited as common factors in accidents, as well as motorists failing to keep up with car maintenance and driving in hot weather.

Updated: September 12, 2022, 12:54 PM