Food outlets caught inflating prices and selling expired goods

Authorities fined seven businesses and warned another seven after hundreds of inspections at malls, markets and shops

Authorities in Fujairah have taken action against a number of food outlets. The National
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Authorities in Fujairah have taken action against food outlets caught selling out-of-date products and manipulating prices.

Seven fines and another seven warnings were issued after hundreds of inspections of malls, markets and shops in Dibba in the first three months of the year.

The consumer protection unit at Dibba Fujairah Municipality seized 87 items carrying false price tags and another 55 expired items.

The municipality said it carries out regular checks to clamp down on rogue traders aiming to dupe the public through the sale of counterfeit, damaged and expired goods and by offering fake prizes or discounts.

“We regularly conduct checks and have since the beginning of this year carried out more than 500 inspections on food outlets,” said Hasan Al Yammahi, director of Dibba Fujairah Municipality.

In 2021, fourteen businesses in the area were fined and another 46 warned over offences such as selling counterfeit goods, misrepresenting discount offers and illegally inflating prices.

Mr Al Yammahi urged the public to report offending businesses by calling the municipality's emergency line on 092 44 3399 or contacting the authority on its social media channels.

Updated: June 07, 2022, 3:49 AM