Abu Dhabi's rare '2' number plate sells for $6.3 million at charity auction

Car plates and mobile phone numbers raise Dh111 million ($30.2m) for global free meals campaign

Abu Dhabi's exclusive '2' car number plate sold for Dh23.3 million ($6.3m) at a charity auction for a global free meals campaign.

A total of Dh111m was raised on Wednesday night in bids for rare licence plates and exclusive mobile phone numbers.

Proceeds from the 'Most Noble Numbers' event will go to the One Billion Meals initiative to provide food for people in need in 50 countries during Ramadan and beyond.

The auction saw Dubai-based real estate boss Hong Yang, 30, from China, bid Dh1.7m for plate number '999', code 2.

“We have been here for many years and we noticed that we are the only expats here attending the auction, so we wanted to do something for charity for hungry people," she said.

“9 for our culture is a lucky number and means happiness and wealth - we hope this can bring luck to us and the whole world."

Wednesday’s auction saw real estate agent Hong Yang bid Dh1.7 million for plate number 999, code 2. Victor Besa / The National

An auction in Dubai last weekend for the same campaign came close to breaking a global record when Dh35m was paid for 'AA8'. In total, Dh53m was raised that night.

So far, more than Dh400 million has been raised, the campaign's website shows. Members of the public can donate here.

Bidders dig deep for charity

During the in-person auction, the remaining three double-digit vehicle plate numbers – 11 with code 2, 20 with code 2, and 99 with code 1 – collected Dh5 million, Dh4.25 million, and Dh5 million, respectively. In addition, the three-digit vehicle plate number 999, with code 2, sold for Dh1.7 million.

Furthermore, Etisalat’s Diamond mobile numbers collectively sold for Dh419,000. Specifically, 547444444 sold for Dh160,000, 542244444 for Dh55,000, 542422222 for Dh52,000, 547799999 for Dh52,000, and 567777722 for Dh100,000.

In addition, the special mobile numbers put up by du were sold for a total of Dh601 ,000 – 589999996 for Dh120,000, 586666662 for Dh91,000, 581111114 for Dh130,000, 582444444 for Dh110,000, and 586222222 for Dh150,000.

Most valuable numbers online

The 555 online charity auction took place on April 17 and 18, and sold the two-digit special vehicle plate number 88, with code 1, for Dh3.9 million, making it the most valuable among the 555 special vehicle plate numbers bid on throughout the two days.

The three-digit vehicle plate number 111, with code 12, sold for Dh1.6 million, whereas the four-digit vehicle plate numbers 1111, with code 2, and 8888, with code 1, sold for Dh1.4 million and Dh1 million, respectively.

The special vehicle plate number 11111, with code 2, sold for Dh1.9 million, and vehicle plate number 77777, with code 1, sold for Dh1.5 million.

Most expensive license plates - in pictures

Updated: April 21, 2022, 5:56 AM