Abu Dhabi Police drive home road safety message

New campaign aims to raise awareness about the risks of dangerous driving

Abu Dhabi Police are calling on drivers to follow the traffic rules so as to improve road safety in the emirate. Photo: Abu Dhabi Police.

Abu Dhabi Police are to drive home a vital safety message to motorists about the dangers of reckless behaviour on the roads.

Your Commitment to Your Safety — a new campaign — will highlight the importance of following traffic rules to avoid accidents and protect lives.

The awareness drive will be delivered in several languages so as to reach as many road users as possible.

"The campaign will highlight violations and behaviours of some drivers that have led to unfortunate accidents and jeopardised traffic safety," said Brig Mohammed Al Humairi, director of the police force's Traffic and Patrols Department.

“These messages will focus on reminding motorists of adhering to traffic laws in order to contribute to bringing down the number of accidents and therefore to achieving the country’s vision of becoming one of the safest destinations in the world.”

Drivers will be reminded of the risks of sudden swerving, speeding and unsafe overtaking.

“Motorists are urged to give way to vehicles coming from behind or from the left and need to stay in their mandatory lanes at intersections to prevent traffic accidents that cause severe injuries,” Brig Al Humairi said.

Police said motorists who fail to maintain lane discipline, such as crossing solid lines or overtaking from the right, face fines of Dh600 and six points on their licence.

Those who fail to give way to other road users can incur a Dh400 penalty.

Abu Dhabi Police frequently post footage of dangerous driving on the emirate's roads on social media and encourages feedback from the public about such actions.

Updated: February 28, 2022, 12:27 PM