Waterfalls on Jebel Jais as wet and wild UAE weather persists

Torrents of water cascade down the highest peak in the country

Striking footage posted by the National Centre of Meteorology on Monday shows a waterfall cascading down Jebel Jais.

In the video torrents of water flow down the mountainside – the UAE's highest peak – and into the road.

It follows a bout of severe rainfall that drenched cities and towns across the UAE with an intensity not seen since 2019.

Several other videos posted by the NCM on its social media feed show the effects of the wild and wet weather.

Two videos capture floodwaters surging through wadis in Ras Al Khaimah, while another shows torrential downpours in Madam, Sharjah.

More rain hit Dubai and other Emirates as forecasters predicted that the UAE is in for several more days of wet weather.

The NCM said downpours, strong winds and leaden skies could be expected until Wednesday, if not for longer.

The NCM said cloud-seeding planes are in action to try to coax more rain to fall.

"The country is affected by unstable weather due to an extension of a surface low pressure, accompanied by an upper air low pressure from the west," the NCM said.

The unstable conditions follow a bout of wet weather that has swept across the Emirates since Friday.

Downpours continue in Dubai - in pictures

Updated: January 4th 2022, 10:28 AM