Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid hails year of global achievement for UAE

The Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai spoke of the nation’s success in the final Cabinet meeting of 2021

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, reflected on a remarkable year of achievement on the global stage for the UAE after leading the final Cabinet meeting of 2021.

He hailed the country’s success in the past 12 months and looked forward to it reaching greater heights in 2022.

It is a year in which the Emirates celebrated its Golden Jubilee, brought in major reforms to its legal system and made giant leaps in space by selecting its first female astronaut and completing an historic journey to Mars.

“Today, I chaired the last meeting of the Council of Ministers in 2021, during which we reviewed our work during the year,” Sheikh Mohammed, who is also Vice President, said on Twitter.

“What happened was amazing. The largest legislative change in the history of the state by drafting and updating 50 laws in all fields; our most powerful passport in the world; our safe state globally; the people’s confidence in the highest government in the world.”

Sheikh Mohammed hailed the “thousands of teams” who worked to cement the UAE’s growing status across the world.

He said their efforts had helped make the country the “most attractive to foreign investments” in the region and a world leader in attracting new talent to work in the Emirates and tourists to travel safely during the pandemic.

Sheikh Mohammed praised the UAE for being the best in the Arab world for its financial stability and for education in science and mathematics.

“My personal expectations are that 2022 will be better, more beautiful and greater with our cadres, our young men and women, and our determination as a country that enters the new 50th with confidence and readiness,” he said.

“God save the UAE and the people of the Emirates.”

Updated: December 14th 2021, 7:58 AM