Jail time for Rolex thief as Dubai court overturns acquittal

Resident broke into car and took two watches worth Dh38,000

A man has been sentenced to three months in prison after breaking into a car to steal two luxury watches worth Dh38,000.

The German resident managed to disconnect the vehicle's locking system to gain access and steal the Rolexes.

The Emirati victim called police after returning to the car, which was parked near a cafe in Business Bay, Dubai.

The incident took place on March 8 this year.

Officers identified the accused following investigations and arrested him.

Police said the man confessed to the theft charge and admitted selling off the goods to an Algerian man for Dh28,000.

The 37-year-old was initially acquitted by Dubai Criminal Court after his lawyer argued that his client had been coerced to admit guilt. The money and the device used to unlock the car, the lawyer said, had not been found.

Prosecutors appealed against the verdict.

Appeal Court judges dismissed the defence's claim and sentenced the man to three months in prison, to be followed by deportation.

He was also issued a fine of Dh38,000.

The Algerian man, the alleged buyer of the stolen watches, had not been found.

Updated: September 20th 2021, 4:00 AM