Woman steals Dh110,000 Rolex from ex-boyfriend, Dubai court told

In court on Monday, the woman denied taking anything that did not belong to her

A woman stole her ex-boyfriend's Dh110,000 Rolex while her friend attacked and choked him, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On March 5 this year, the 30-year-old Nigerian man was at his home in Al Barsha when the woman knocked on his door.
"It was 7.30am when she came over with a man. We argued and then the man took out a knife and threatened me with it before he punched me in the face and she choked me," the man told prosecutors.

He said his 25-year-old British ex-girlfriend then asked him where his watch was and began searching his flat and took his car keys. When he tried to escape the co-accused's grip, the man hit him with the knife.
"He hit me with it on both sides of my face then I pushed him and screamed for security so he ran away," said the man.

He said that, once the two left, he found his car keys outside. When he checked his car, he saw that his watch and iPhone had been taken.
During police questioning, the woman denied stealing from the man and said she only took items that belonged to her that had been left at his flat.
"I went over to his apartment with a friend to pick up my things, they argued and then he grabbed a knife from his kitchen at which point my friend tried to restrain him and I took his car keys to get my things," said the woman to police.
A verdict will be issued on May 31.