Emirati star pupil in Abu Dhabi off to Cambridge's Trinity College

Saleh Busaibe met the offer conditions after scoring two A* in maths and economics, and an A in further maths in his A-level results

An Emirati pupil at Brighton College Abu Dhabi has secured a place at one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Saleh Busaibe, 19, is set to start his bachelor’s in economics at the University of Cambridge in September.

The pupil was excited after he scored two A* grades in maths and economics, and an A in further maths.

He needed two A* and an A to meet his offer conditions at Trinity College, Cambridge.

"I was really excited to get these results,” Saleh said.

“I would have preferred to sit the exams and have the chance to prove myself. But the system this year was much better than last year."

The Year 13 pupil said he was nervous on results day.

"It’s a huge relief as I have been able to confirm my offer. It has been a dream to study at the University of Cambridge," he said.

“I am just looking forward to being there."

He is keen to pursue rowing and make the most of college life.

After completing his studies, the pupil aims to return to the Emirates to complete a year of military service.

Saleh was keen to join the programme at the University of Cambridge because it offers both maths and economics.

“It’s very math-heavy and I have always loved math. It’s my favourite subject,” he said

He later wants to pursue a master’s degree and possibly work in investment banking.

“I think it was probably four or five years ago that I decided I wanted to study at the University of Cambridge,” he said.

He flew to the UK for an in-person interview last year.

“The most fun I had during the application process was definitely in the interview,” he said.

The pupil prepared for a month before the meeting.

“When I got there, I expected to be asked about economics but was asked many questions about mathematics, which threw me off a bit,” he said.

The pupil said he felt encouraged by the professors and enjoyed living in the university’s dorms during his stay.

Asked about what he would miss most about the UAE, he said it would be spending time with his elder sister and playing with his three younger sisters and two younger brothers.

Thousands of pupils in the UAE received their A-Level results on Tuesday, with many schools reporting record results, particularly in maths and science.

Updated: August 11th 2021, 6:45 AM