Sheikh Hamdan comes to rescue of friend after jetpacking mishap in Dubai

The Crown Prince was seen embracing his friend in a hug after the accident

The Crown Prince of Dubai rushed to the aid of a friend who got into difficulty in the waters off a UAE beach.

In a video shared on social media, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed was seen running through the shallow waters when the man became submerged beneath the surface after a jetpacking mishap.

Strapped into the jetpack, which propels people 10 metres into the air, the man attempted to propel himself upwards before taking a wrong turn and hitting the water at force instead.

Several bystanders ran into the water to his aid, including Sheikh Hamdan.

Shortly after, the two men were seen smiling and embracing each other in a hug in the water after he was given the ok following the seconds-long incident.

The Dubai royalty is no stranger to adrenaline sports and is often videoed with friends skydiving, cycling and deep sea fishing.

The short video clip has since gone viral with many commenting on the actions of the Crown Prince, affectionately known as Fazza.

In past videos, he has been celebrated for his kind nature towards animals.

In 2019, he was videoed helping wildlife specialists treat a giraffe that was struggling to walk with overgrown hooves. And in another clip shared by Sheikh Hamdan, it showed two nesting birds that had set up home on the bonnet of his Mercedes G-Wagen.

Sheikh Hamdan on safari - in pictures

Updated: August 2nd 2021, 7:07 AM