Sheikh Hamdan shares video of doves nesting on the bonnet of his Mercedes G-Wagen

The Crown Prince of Dubai cordoned off his SUV to keep the family of birds safe

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Two birds in Dubai have landed on their feet, in the truest sense, nesting on the bonnet of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed's car.

The Crown Prince of Dubai shared a video of the two nesting birds on Wednesday, August 12. It shows two doves, which have set up home on the bonnet of his Mercedes G-Wagen.

The SUV has been cordoned off to make sure they can nest in peace.

"Sometimes the little things in life are more than enough," he captioned the video. The Crown Prince is known as a nature lover, regularly sharing animal videos and photos to his Instagram page.

At one stage, the video zooms in on the nest to reveal two unhatched eggs, which then give way to two hatchlings as the video progresses.

The video shows the mother bird feeding its two hatchlings. Instagram / Faz3

The parents fly in and out of shot to provide for their young throughout the 80-second video. They also perform daily tasks, such as cleaning and tidying their nest, and feeding their hatchlings.

Watch the video of doves nesting on Sheikh Hamdan's Mercedes G-Wagen here: 

The video has proven to be very popular, generating more than 1.3 million views and 264,000 likes, at the time of writing.

"The trust of a small creature in large machines and a human being is a great honour for Fazza," one fan commented, referring to the Crown Prince by his nickname. "They came here to raise their offspring in the hope of protection. They know where they can be safe. They entrusted their little world with great power."

Another simply wrote: "You have a kind heart for animals. Thank you!"

In June this year, Sheikh Hamdan took part in a conservation campaign for World Sea Turtle Day. He shared a video which showed him helping release turtles at sea, as part of a project organised by Jumeirah's Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project.

The team released 45 hawksbill turtles, as well as an additional 20 hatchlings from the Emirates Marine Environmental Group’s Jebel Ali Reserve.

In fact, Sheikh Hamdan seems to have a natural affinity with all animals, from dogs to falcons, giraffes and baby deer. In April 2019, he went out with a group of UAE conservationists to assist trimming a giraffe's hooves.

He is also a keen fisherman and diver. The UAE royal often shares photos of himself free diving and deep-sea fishing on Instagram.