10-year-old wins two cars and Dh100,000 at Dubai Shopping Festival

An Indian schoolboy is the winner of two Infinitis - a JX35 and a G25 - at a mega raffle at Dubai Shopping Festival.

He may not be able to drive yet, but one schoolboy in Dubai now has the keys to two brand new sets of wheels.

Madhup Roshan, 10, is the proud owner of two vehicles and Dh100,000 after his father's ticket was pulled out at a mega raffle at Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

Purna Chandra Rao, an Indian businessman, had been unsuccessfully participating in DSF and Dubai Duty Free raffles for years before he got lucky after buying a ticket in the name of his son.

"I had a feeling that I was going to win it that day, and even told one of my employees that I would win. The moment I got a call asking for my son, I knew the big moment had arrived," Mr Rao said, after his ticket was picked at the daily Infiniti Mega Raffle on January 5.

Madhup, who lives in Dubai, now has two Infinitis - a JX35 and a G25.