Adidas Predator, Puma King, Nike SuperFly: 10 great football boots – in pictures

Some legendary boots which have revolutionised the game

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Football boots. Probably the most important piece of sports equipment by scale, reach and impact.

Football relies on limited amount of technology and equipment, compared to say, Formula One. But it does depend heavily on whatever equipment it needs – football boots being one of them.

Fans across the world have their favourites. And you can guess the age of the fan by the vintage of the football boots they like.

So which one is on top of your list? Is it the Adidas Predator or the Nike Mercurial SuperFly? Or are you a Puma King?

If you haven't thought of a 10 great football boots list, worry no more. Above is a picture gallery showing the best boots in history. To view the next image, click on the arrows or if on a mobile, just swipe.