Arsenal manager Arteta say new Spurs boss Postecoglou brings 'different vibe' to derby

Both teams still unbeaten in Premier League as they go into crunch match at Emirates Stadium on Sunday

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou's side are second in the Premier League going into Sunday's North London derby against Arsenal. Getty Images
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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says he expects a different challenge against Tottenham Hotspur as new boss Ange Postecoglou has "changed the vibe at the club".

Both sides go into the season's first North London derby at the Emirates on Sunday unbeaten on 13 points in the Premier League.

Spurs sit in second place as Postecoglou's attacking brand of football has produced 13 goals in five games, while the Gunners lie in fourth.

Arteta said he expects a different challenge from the new-look Spurs: "For sure they’ve had a really good start and they are in a good moment and we are too so it’s a big game and we’re going to have to battle the right way to win it.

“They dominate the games, they win the games, they score a lot of goals and they’re an attacking, flowing team and they go for it so they’ll bring a different approach to the game than what we’ve played in the league so far.

“They have a new challenge, a new opportunity, they have a new manager who is doing really well and he’s managed to change the vibe around the club and with a different style too.

“So we need to be ourselves and produce the performance to beat them.”

Arteta also said he relishes the "special" atmosphere of the North London derby.

Arsenal are aiming for a third straight victory in the fixture and Arteta said: "It’s a special rivalry. It’s a rivalry in the city and I really like the derby, there’s something between the two communities and it’s really intense.

“I think it’s a game always in fixtures where you look straight away to see when you play that game because it’s special and there’s something emotionally attached to it so it will be a big lift if we manage to win it.

“No [better feeling than beating Tottenham] because you know what the game means to people and having the possibility in your job to make someone happy is a huge fulfilment and a responsibility we feel.

“You walk down the street and there’s a feeling [among fans] because of the history, the rivalry and that’s the beautiful thing when it’s taken in the right way during sport and we are so privileged to be involved in this sort of game.

“The atmosphere will be different. It will be more electric, there will be more energy in the ground and the pitch so we have to deal with that in the right way and take advantage of that.”

Preparing for his first North London derby since joining the club from Celtic, Postecoglou revealed his admiration for rival Arteta – but dismissed comparisons between the two.

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He said: “Mikel has been outstanding, really strong right from the start by having a real vision for the football club and the club’s backed him, but I don’t think that’s unique.

“Liverpool did the same with Jurgen [Klopp]. Most clubs that end up having a successful period do it on the back of having a really clear idea of what they’re trying to create.

“The only problem is that a lot of clubs jump at shadows at the first sign of things not progressing at the rate they were hoping to. Credit to Arsenal and credit to Mikel that they backed each other and they’re reaping the rewards of it but that’s not a blueprint for us to follow.

“We’ve got our own blueprint. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s timescale, you don’t have to follow anyone else’s processes. What you’ve got to do is have a clear idea about what you want and provided along the way you see progress, stick to it.

“In terms of similarities, I’m 58, he’s whatever [41]. I’ve had 26 years, he’s five years into it. He’s managed in one country, I’ve managed in a few. I’m not sure how he’s got a great head of hair!

“We’re different. Even in the way his team plays. Yes he does have a very attacking philosophy but it’s different from mine and that’s the beauty of the game. That’s what you love about it.”

Updated: September 23, 2023, 12:49 PM