UAE ranks as top emerging market, Donald Trump investigation — Trending

Cody Combs gives a round-up of today's trends

Trending Middle East brings you the latest social media and search trends from the region and around the world.

On today's episode, the UAE is ranked as the top emerging market across the Middle East and North Africa region, and third globally, after China and India, as revealed in Kearney’s 2023 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index.

Just three days after a deal, Lebanon's government agrees to cancel a $122 million contract to build a new airport terminal following public outcry.

Turkey's Parliament approves Finland's bid to join Nato, after all 276 politicians present vote in favour of Finland’s bid.

A New York grand jury votes to indict former US president Donald Trump. It is the first criminal charge against any sitting or former American president.

Updated: March 31, 2023, 4:56 AM