Beyond the Headlines: What led to the clashes between Israel and Palestine?

Over 200 people have died in Gaza, and 10 in Israel, since the violence began

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What started with a court hearing over the ownership of land on the outskirts of Jerusalem's Old City has escalated into the bloodiest round of fighting between Hamas in Gaza and the Israeli military since 2014. The outbreak of fighting between the armed groups in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and Israel killed hundreds, mostly Palestinians but also people in Israel. It came after months of simmering tensions, over the court cases to decide the fate of a dozen Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah area and elsewhere in occupied East Jerusalem. It also came against the backdrop of a surge in support for far-right nationalist groups, propelling them to electoral gains as Israel faces a major political crisis. In this week's Beyond the Headlines, host James Haines Young speaks to The National's correspondents in Jerusalem and Gaza to understand the months of tensions that led to the outbreak of fighting.