We can gauge our humanity by the world we live in

Someone must be held accountable for the continued suffering of the Rohingya, says one reader.
Someone must be held accountable for the continued suffering of the Rohingya, says one reader.

In reference to your article Will those presiding over the killings of Rohingya children ever face justice? (December 14), we have countless organisations for human rights but their voices seem muted. In the 21st century (and the 15th Islamic century), how can humans still live in such conditions?

This is a big test for us because we were given a conscience for this very purpose. Respect for human life is at the heart of it all. We are essentially in a spiritual war more than anything else.

Name withheld by request

Probably not, would be the answer to the question asked by this article. This is why you must keep publishing columns like this to raise awareness on their plight.

Patricia Estep, Abu Dhabi

Macron's mobile phone ban at schools is laudable

Banning mobile phones from schools is music to all sensible ears indeed (December 17). French president Macron's mobile ban in schools and colleges was a dramatic but much-needed move if you ask me. The mobile phone plague knows no boundaries these days. It not only distracts students, it disturbs others as well. Other leaders should follow in his footsteps.

K Ragavan, India

Peaceful protesters shouldn't be punished with death

Your article Israeli troops kill disabled Palestinian protester (December 17) was sad to read. Peaceful protesters should be respected, not killed for opening their mouths. As usual, a deplorable state of affairs within the Israeli army.

Name withheld by request

Hailstones a rare sight in temperate UAE

This is the first time I have seen hailstones in Sharjah (Hailstorms and heavy rain lash parts of the UAE), December 17). The most I have ever witnessed is infrequent showers.

Samira Mohiadeen, Sharjah

It is imperative that every single drop of rain is preserved.

Asyah Meel, Abu Dhabi

Apparently, some parts of the UAE were colder than east Yorkshire in England.

Shaheen Hamadani, Dubai

Kudos to Al Ain student who scored highest in GCSE French

In reference to your article Tres bien! Al Ain student scores highest grade in the world in GCSE French (December 17), congratulations to the pupil who scored the highest and to the school and staff, who are truly wonderful.

Jeff Gray, Al Ain

Helsinki seems a popular holiday destination

I refer to your article My Kind of Place: Helsinki, Finland (December 14). Unfortunately, I checked websites after reading this and the flights from Dubai seem to be all sold out.

Jacqueline Craig, Dubai

Published: December 17, 2017 05:58 PM


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