The images of those who built this country speak volumes

Our readers have their say about UAE heritage, the Fatwa Council, Iraq executions and self-service petrol pumps in Abu Dhabi

In reference to the beautiful article In recognition of the humble foreigners who gave a piece of themselves to help build this country (June 28), it is heartening that the UAE remembers and honours those who have contributed to the building of this country, like Mama Zulekha, Katsuhiko Takahashi, Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi and others.

Building a great company, city, country, or any institution, requires men and women of vision and action. However when the city is built, generally the world forgets the contributions of those who have conceived and built it. From the examples of various people honoured by the UAE, it is apparent that the UAE cherishes the contributions of even the humblest who have built the country.

The picture you carried of Sheikh Zayed and Dr Abdulrahman Makhlouf, kneeling on the floor, poring over the future plans of Abu Dhabi, was worth a million words.

More countries should follow the example of the UAE in honouring those who create and build.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

I write in response to James Langton’s op-ed, together with an idea: how about a day that is named and held in recognition and honour of those foreigners in the UAE who have made major contributions to the development of this country?

Adel Mir, Dubai

Our spiritual leaders are a beacon of light in trying times  

I refer to the article UAE's new religious council to tackle 'crisis of fatwa' (June 28): I have called the fatwa hotline before and I can attest that these clerics are the most knowledgeable and non-judgmental group of people I have ever come across.

They always finish with a duah and help you with any questions you might have, even concerning really personal issues. I found that when I was in crisis, the fatwa hotline was a real beacon of light and inspiration.

Mariana de Carli, Dubai

This is awesome news indeed. The UAE proves once again that it is definitely a leader in the Islamic world.

Tracy Wilson, Abu Dhabi

Tough justice is reserved for those who show no mercy

Regarding your story Iraq hangs 13 extremists to avenge civilian killings (June 30), Iraq's decision to hang extremists was a good move sending a strong message.

Iraq has witnessed thousands of civilian casualties in the past from terrorists and extremists and this verdict shows the administration has its civilians’ interest at heart and is taking care of the innocent.

K Ragavan, Denver

There’s no point counting the fils if you’re a high roller

In response to your story Motorists experience first day of pump your own petrol or go premium at Abu Dhabi service stations (June 30), if you own a high performance car, you are rich enough to afford an extra Dh10 on top.

Ahmed Shumayal, Al Ain