Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 2 December 2020

Equip passengers with safety kits to help airlines

As coronavirus continues to spread, which is the safest seat on a plane? 
As coronavirus continues to spread, which is the safest seat on a plane? 

Regarding Hayley Skirka's report Safety first as airports across the Philippines reopen (May 12): face masks and personal protection equipment should be made available for the passengers so that they can fill the empty seats. This would ensure safety and help bring down ticket fares.

Nwachi Evaristus, Abu Dhabi

A thought about the spaces between cars in parking lots

Listening to The National's podcast Dubai reopening plans, 783 new UAE cases, India aid package – The Daily Update (May 13): I was wondering about parking lots. The malls having closed 75 per cent of parking spaces. Would it not be better to spread these out and leave gaps between cars instead of having everyone park next to each other?

Hannah Grange, Abu Dhabi

Zoom backgrounds are fine, the judgment can be suspended

Regarding Gavin Elser's op-ed How to judge people by their Zoom backgrounds (May 12): this was an interesting article but why do we need to judge people? It should be enough that they are good with you and doing their work properly.

Nabila SK, Dubai

Dedicated cycle tracks could be a reality some day

With reference to Damien McElroy's article Europe's bike lane revolution leads the way for cities emerging from Covid-19 lockdown (May 12): this is an interesting idea. Can we can expect to see something like this in Dubai? Cycle paths that connect residential areas such as Springs or Meadows to Marina or Downtown with Jumeira. We would need dedicated full size cycle lanes to maintain social distancing. Imagine a cycle lane running underneath the metro line along Sheikh Zayed Road; now that would be something.

T Abdulwahab, Dubai

The UAE has plans in place to recover from the pandemic

With reference to the report Coronavirus: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid calls for UAE to make 'fastest recovery' from pandemic (May 11): a great nation is defined by how it comes together during times like these.

Raja Salha, Dubai

There's a good plan from the UAE government. The officials are involved and they know what are the most reasonable steps to take.

Ray Corsiga, Colorado, US

Can we be better at following the rules?

I write to you in regard to Nick Webster's report Coronavirus: Dubai health officials warn public over flouting mask and distancing rules (May 13): the medical professionals cited are absolutely spot on. Our transmission rates will continue to grow unless people take the precautions necessary – for all. We have a duty and responsibility to society to do so, especially to those on the front lines of this pandemic. And easing does not mean foregoing restrictions. The authorities have been extremely clear that we must continue to behave responsibly. The fact that some are not is reflected in the spike in test numbers.

I have left the house three times since early March: for a drive-through coronavirus test, to see my doctor and to pick up some things from the pharmacy and adjacent grocery store that I couldn't find online.

That one experience shopping has put me off doing it again. People were wearing masks around their necks, no gloves, not distancing – despite having labelled "Distance Monitor" staff patrolling and telling them to move apart, and announcements over the public address system reminding shoppers to maintain distance.

Please, for the safe of your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family members, stay safe and follow the advice of the authorities.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai

Updated: May 13, 2020 04:54 PM

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