Could a minivan tragedy have been avoided had precautions been taken?

Our readers have their say on drivers racing to meet deadlines, music in Dubai and the spread of coronavirus

A minibus driver was killed and his passenger sustained serious injuries after a lorry fell on top of the vehicle in Umm Al Quwain on Sunday. Courtesy Umm Al Quwain Media Office
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With reference to Gillian Duncan's report Minibus driver dies after truck topples on vehicle (February 10): horrific. God help this poor minivan driver's family. How much will they suffer because of such an accident.

Elize van Wyk, Abu Dhabi

One must avoid these minivans at all cost. Drivers drive way too fast. I have often seen them talking on the phone or falling asleep at the wheel. Clearly it is not their fault. They are only trying to meet their deadlines. These tragedies are the fault of the companies who allow them to run.

Chris Murphy, Dubai

It's time to get these heavy vehicles off the roads during the day. They can transport their heavy loads during the night and the early hours of the morning while people are still asleep. Authorities should change the laws to better manage roads through scheduled usage. That would create safer roads and reduce traffic congestion.

Basel Salem Shouly, Dubai

This is like back home in Pakistan where the traffic system is very poor unfortunately.

Shahbaz Akhtar, Dubai

Waiting a long time to hear A-ha perform live

In regard to Saeed Saeed's piece Four decades on, A-ha are commanding respect: 'We don't want to be judged by our cheekbones' (February 9): I have really been looking forward to seeing A-ha at the Dubai Opera House.

Michelle Dowall, Dubai

Coronavirus is survivable so keep calm  

With reference to the report UAE coronavirus victim makes 'full recovery' (February 9): she may be lucky but not everyone will be. Limit movement from contaminated areas for now until things get better.

Haris Muzaffar, Jeddah

No medication available for this disease has an immediate curative power. But that does not mean this is a 100 per cent terminal illness. I am surprised that so many people seem to think otherwise.

Influenza also kills in some cases, but many do survive. Influenza is mostly fatal in patients with compromised immune systems, like young children or old people.

Coronavirus is a highly communicable disease which is why it is a cause for worry.

So all those thinking it is fatal please know it is not and that recovery is possible. It’s not like all affected in China are ending up in the morgue. Many are also recovering.

Mahnaaz Sheikh, Goa, India