Coronavirus: doesn't care if you're rich or poor or flying economy or private jets

Our readers have their say on the egalitarian nature of the virus, salary cuts, baby wipes and countries under attack

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With reference to Deena Kamel's report Ultra-wealthy turn to private jets to avoid virus risk – but for how long? (March 14): viruses are egalitarian they don't care if you're rich or poor. All you can do is stay safe and be responsible.

Greta Hansen, Abu Dhabi

No one in any circumstance is ever going to vote for a salary cut

With reference to Keren Bobker's piece Can we cut salaries to cope with the drop in business from coronavirus? (March 14): for the last few years some companies have been saying they will increase salaries without doing so. Now that business is slowing down employees should take a salary cut? That sounds unfair.

Aouse K Al Anee, Dubai

I thinks that’s unfair considering most of the year people work longer hours than their contracts say. At a time like this employers should be nice to employees and take that into consideration.

Everyone has bills to pay. Often people work six day weeks and long shifts. It’s important to be nice at a time like this. I am sure employees will appreciate the courtesy and work better. Companies are insured for things like this anyway.

Seems McKlaire, Abu Dhabi

Countries attacking each other need to sort their priorities now

With reference to the report US and Iraqi troops wounded in fresh rocket attacks on base (March 14): instead of these attacks on each other and this senseless fighting, the whole world should focus on finding a away to curb coronavirus.

Emmanuel Benson, Yola, Nigeria

Countries need to stop fighting and learn to care for each other before it is too late. Stop wasting money on weapons. Spend it on cures for sick people and food for the hungry.

Gillian Prestwood, Abu Dhabi

Loaded with chemicals and end up in landfills but the convenience...

With reference to Hafsa Lodi's piece Yay or nay: Do we really need to use baby wipes? (March 14): no. Water and cotton pads are enough.

Mahnaaz Sheikh, Goa, India

Water is enough. If need be, use a wet towel. There is no need for toxic wipes that just end up in landfills.

Aida BL, Dubai

Some people are thinking laterally about stimulus and Covid-19

With reference to Coronavirus: Dubai's Sheikh Hamdan launches Dh1.5bn economic stimulus package (March 13): as a way to raise morale, it would be nice if the UAE could lift the ban on Skype and FaceTime. Support from afar matters.

Rose Demir, Dubai