Beware the jellyfish when you visit the beach

A Palestinian boy holds up a jellyfish that washed up along the shore at a beach in Gaza City at sunset on July 9, 2019. AFP 
A Palestinian boy holds up a jellyfish that washed up along the shore at a beach in Gaza City at sunset on July 9, 2019. AFP 

I am 11 years old and I live in Dubai. Last week, my friends were swimming at the beach in the Palm. One of my friends was in the sea when she felt a sting and cried out. Her brother went over to help, not knowing what had happened. After a few seconds he felt a sting too. My friend got out of the water to tell her mother. When she got out, she realised that a large jellyfish was wrapped around her waist.

Her mother panicked and quickly brought some vinegar and poured it on the jellyfish. Both my friends experienced stomach pain, drowsiness, difficulty in breathing and vomiting. They were taken to the hospital and put on a drip for the night. Luckily, they were out of the hospital the next day and are fine.

On a following morning, I went to the beach with my family. The security guard warned us about the jellyfish. My brothers and grandparents went in for a dip while I was on the shore. I was afraid that a jellyfish would sting me. About half an hour later, my grandfather and brother bumped into a jellyfish that had very long tentacles (about 20-35cm or longer). The creature stung both of them. My brother on his legs and arm, and my grandfather on the shoulder and arm. They rushed back to shore and poured some vinegar on the sting. It wasn't very serious but it hurt.

I would like to let people in Dubai know that there are jellyfish with very long tentacles and advise everyone to be careful when swimming in the sea.

Sofia Hanna, Dubai

Obey the rules when going to the malls

With reference to Chris Maxwell's report Coronavirus: UAE to carry out two million more tests in next two months as concerns raised over recent rise in cases (July 6): some people seem to think that if malls are open then they should go and enjoy themselves. I see even children going to malls now. If everyone simply stays indoors and goes out only when necessary then this will end sooner.

Deepa Uppal, Dubai

People are putting weight on at home, people are also struggling with anxiety and depression. People need to go out but they need to follow the rules and that is the problem. Some people cannot follow rules.

Lynette Fortey-Burnett, Dubai

An artistic mind can tell a story with a few deft strokes

I write to you with reference to the Cartoon for July 7, 2020. Looking at the work of Shadi Ghanim is a real treat. He knows how to elaborate an entire situation in sometimes only a simple sketch. I guess his is what is known as an artistic mind.

Sohail Khan, Peshawar, Pakistan

Published: July 8, 2020 08:00 AM


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