Dubai event Metacon to showcase the metaverse in the physical world

Two-day event at Dubai World Trade Centre set to promote wonders of future tech

Metacon will take place over two days at the Dubai World Trade Centre Arena on May 28 and 29. Bloomberg
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The first physical convention centred on Web3 and the metaverse is coming to Dubai.

Metacon, which takes place at Dubai World Trade Centre Arena on May 28 and 29, aims to educate and entertain guests on the current and new blockchain technologies that are taking the virtual world by storm.

Metacon is best described as a comic con for digital fanatics. The two-day programme has been curated by Emirati investment firm, Ghaf Capital, and will feature immersive experiences, talks and performances to showcase exactly what the Web3 and metaverse-based future holds for us all. It will also disprove that NFTs are much more than a bunch of cartoon apes jpegs.

The convention is split into four main areas: MetaStage, MetaConnect, MetaArena and MetaSpaces. Each offers a different experience, where guests will be able to get up close and personal with the fast-moving tech and ideas.


MetaStage is where innovators and educators of blockchain technologies will share their expert opinions with the audience. If you’ve ever been curious about exactly how it all works and what humankind’s future looks like with Web3 and the metaverse, then this is the place to be.

One of the keynote speakers is Jason Brink, a man who won the 2014 Bill and Melinda Gates Global Development Network Award for the “AidDollar”, which is a blockchain-based solution for providing foreign aid. He’s also the chief executive of Metacon’s main sponsor, Gala Games, so expect invaluable industry insight from the innovator.

The MetaStage will also host NFT artist Idriss B, who has created 3D polygon sculptures of Dubai, which will inspire the next wave of digital artists in the region to get started.


If you prefer your metaverse at a more breakneck speed, then the MetaArena is the place to be. This zone will be home to various blockchain gaming events, such as the first eSports invitational of its type in the region.

Played on a blockchain-based game called Axie Infinity, which sees fantasy creatures face off against each other in Pokemon-style battles, the world’s best players will duke it out for a cash prize pool of $50,000 (Dh184,000).

The MetaArena will also host demos of current games that are in development and give a sneak peek into what’s coming next. Blockchain gaming hasn’t hit the mainstream just yet, so it will be interesting to see what it has to offer both now and in the coming years.


Metacon is also a place for Web3 and metaverse entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas. The Bapes Lounge is a dedicated space within the convention where people can connect and discover how various blockchain technologies can propel their businesses and reach more customers in far-flung corners of the planet.


The MetaSpaces area will feature the NFT Gallery for people to look around. The gallery is curated by Ethereal Collective, who will also be showing off some of their highly sought-after works. And it’s here that guests will be able to see one of the more exclusive elements of the event. The world’s first manga-inspired NFTs will be on display and will be available to purchase exclusively at Metacon.

The speed of which Web3 and metaverse technologies move is enough to make your head spin. But Metacon has the potential to bridge the knowledge gap for those that are still confused by crypto, NFTs, blockchain gaming and more, which is what Metacon co-founder, Abdelrahman Mohamed is hoping for too.

"With future tech making leaps and bounds, we realise that there’s a huge, under-served market of pop culture fans and enthusiasts of, including gamers, artists and entertainers, who are hungry to kickstart their blockchain learning and adoption but do not know where to begin,” says Abdelrahman.

“We also have everyone from beginners to seasoned experts that are looking to network and take their journey a step further; and we want Metacon to be that place where you can dive deep, learn and share experiences, and ultimately grow together as a community in such an exciting, fast-evolving and, dare I say, sometimes even perplexing industry."

Updated: May 11, 2022, 11:48 AM