Go Gear: Devices to help you park the car better

You'll never scrape your alloys or overrun your spot in the garage again with these parking aids.
Parking balls.
Parking balls.

Balls to that idea

We know, your first reaction will be an incredulous, "Parking balls? What on Earth next?" But if you give them a minute, you'll realise that they're actually quite a handy device that allow drivers to park safely in tight garage spaces. The balls are positioned to dangle from the ceiling and, when they tap your windscreen, you know you're perfectly parked. The balls come with detailed instructions. Type "parking balls" into the search bar on Amazon.com. Dh50.


Mat's the way

Same problem, different solution. Okay, so it's not as fun as the parking balls but the parking mat is practical and does the job just as efficiently. Using two strategically placed parking mats, guiding your car into the garage is simple. The first bump is a good indication that it's time to stop, while the second prevents the car from moving further forward, with the tyre nestling nicely in between. Type "park right parking mat" into ebay.com. Dh56.


Kerb feelers are the cat's whiskers

Kerb feelers, kerb finders, cat's whiskers; call them what you like, but a set of these novel parking aids will ensure the wheels of your old-school hot rod remain scratch-free forever. Fitted low on the body of the car, these springs - with an eight-ball design at the end - protrude on either side of the vehicle like whiskers, making a noise when they come into contact with a kerb. Check them out at www.classychevusa.com. Dh75.


Published: August 26, 2011 04:00 AM