Unique Rolls-Royce duo arrives in the UAE - with two more hot on their wheels

The new arrivals are a Phantom and a Cullinan, but the manufacturer isn't letting us see too much of the next pair

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Two bespoke new cars produced by Rolls-Royce have arrived in the UAE but, for the vast majority of us, pictures are the nearest we’ll get to them.

A Phantom Tempus Fugit, one of only 20 examples of its kind, and a specially commissioned Cullinan are the vehicles in question, and they’re soon to be en route to their new owners in Dubai. Both will be unique to the UAE.

The Tempus Fugit has a distinctly stellar aspect to it. Apparently, it takes inspiration from “time, astronomical phenomena and the most accurate clock in the universe, the pulsar star”.

Finished in Rolls-Royce’s Kairos Blue hue, the inside is a mass of fibre optic lighting, visible through hundreds of illuminated perforations.

The gallery housed in the fascia does not feature the traditional clock, a decision, we are told, that signifies the owner’s freedom from time.

The other new entry, the Cullinan, will be a lot easier to spot on the roads, decked out as it is in what the manufacturer calls “Crystal Over Fame Green”.

The inspiration for the dramatic colour scheme apparently comes from the rich variety of flora and fauna that grows within the grounds of the estate that the new owner lives in.

Inside, the car is no less eye-catching with a mix of orange and red stylings, set off with a crown veneer finish.

Two other vehicles are in the pipeline, but Rolls-Royce is being coy about offering a closer look at them.

All we know so far is that they’re Phantoms, with one featuring a “celestial-inspired gallery design”, incorporating “precious metals and captivating stones”. The second is a “soulful and highly personal expression of luxury”, with “white sands exterior coachwork combined with a Havana coachline”.

They both sound like vehicles you’d like to own, but unless you’re the one who commissioned either of them, neither will be available any time soon.

Updated: August 24, 2021, 1:04 PM