Lindsay Lohan meets members of Dubai Police to thank them for efforts amid coronavirus pandemic

The American actress applauded authorities for keeping the UAE safe in 'uncertain times'

Lindsay Lohan safely covered up with gloves and a mask when she met members of Dubai Police. Instagram / Lindsay Lohan 
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American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, 33, has called Dubai home for the past six years, and this week she has decided to give back to the UAE, thanking the government and Dubai Police for their ongoing support amid the Covid-19 crisis.

"I wanted to thank the government of the UAE and the Dubai Police for their continued support during these uncertain times and keeping this country safe," Lohan wrote on Instagram.

She also added: "Wishing everyone a blessed month and God bless".

In the photos accompanying the message, Lohan can be seen wearing gloves and a face mask, standing with authorities and members of Dubai Police.

Lindsay Lohan met members of Dubai Police to thank them for their efforts amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instagram / Lindsay Lohan 

For the meeting, as well as PPE, she wore a full-length brown collared jumpsuit.

In a second image, Lohan is walking away from a Dubai Police car and a female officer with a box. It is unclear if that is a gift from or for Lohan.

In the final photograph, she is stood in front of a police car, saluting. The area appears to be Downtown Dubai.

It has not been confirmed, but it would appear the images were taken on Wednesday, April 29, as the weather conditions were overcast with blowing dust and sand.

Lindsay Lohan has applauded efforts from Dubai authorities. Instagram / Lindsay Lohan 

Lohan has been vocal with her appreciation of Dubai authorities and the measures taken amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

She told US actor David Spade in an interview earlier this month: "It is very strict here ... You are not allowed outside, they take it very seriously."

Telling Spade "only one person can go out of the house at a time", she added that residents could be reprimanded "if you don’t have a reason or aren’t approved for a permit to go to the supermarket, are found without gloves or a mask, or surpass 90 minutes".

Movement restrictions have since been eased in Dubai, though residents must still wear a mask when outside their home.

The Mean Girls star is waiting out the coronavirus here in Dubai with her sister, Ali Lohan.

She told Spade: “I live here, yep, I have been here for about six years. But I go to New York a lot to see my family … and I was in London before this,” adding that her sister is “stuck here in Dubai” until travel restrictions ease.

In the past month, Lohan has been promoting her new single Back to Me, which was released on Friday, April 3.