Baby names: UAE's most popular names for tots in 2021 revealed

Online baby name resource Nameberry has released the most searched for names of the year, according to country

According to baby naming website Nameberry, Aria and Aryan are popular in the UAE, while Danger is gaining ground as a name in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan. Courtesy Unsplash

With a quarter of the year now over, online baby name resource Nameberry has released its list of most researched names, shedding light on some trends for the months to come.

According to the platform, which gets traffic from more than 200 countries and territories around the world, Ava is now the most popular name for baby girls, and Arlo for baby boys in 2021, worldwide. The names have replaced Luna and Milo which were trending towards the end of 2020.

The list of most researched names also reveals regional trends, in countries with a large Muslim population, Zara has reigned supreme as a choice for girls.

India's top names depend on a variety of ethnic, linguistic and religious factors, with top names being Aryan, Kavya and Sahil. In Nigeria, which has a large Muslim population, there has been increased interest in Arabic-inspired names such as Jasmine, Zara and Aisha for girls. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, the names Asher, Abiah and Azriel seem to be gaining popularly.

The study has also shown some surprising findings. For example, Ludo seems to be attracting quite a lot of attention from parents in Pakistan, seemingly as a tribute to the board game, which is popular in the country.

Meanwhile, Enola has been the most viewed girl name in Italy, no doubt inspired by the release of Netflix's Enola Holmes in 2020, while Lilibet, the royal family's pet name for the Queen in The Crown, has seen a rise of interest in Russia.

Another trend noted is that the name Danger seems to be rising in popularity in South Asian countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The website has also revealed the most searched for baby names broken down according to country.

The most popular baby names in the UAE in 2021:

For girls:

1. Aria

2. Liya

3. Mariam

4. Noor

5. Zara

For boys:

1. Aryan

2. Silas

3. Jonah

4. Vihaan

5. Malakai