Island political thriller wilts

Michael S Koyama’s third novel sells itself as a transnational American political thriller with the island state of Hawaii at the heart of the conspiracy. Unfolding through the perspective of several characters from vastly differing backgrounds, the narrative is set up to be as complex and multi-faceted as the stakes they play for.

The story begins with Lt Lisa Higashiguchi of the Honolulu Police Department trying to come to terms with the murder of Steven Sasaki, Hawaii’s Democrat candidate for Congress. Believing a lapse in security to be the cause of his death hours after a dinner party she was supervising, Lisa pulls out all the stops to track down the killer. Unbeknownst to her, a similar death is set to befall another victim in New York, setting a series of events into motion that reveal the ugly truth behind the lies and political spin stories.

The Honolulu Pact promises an intriguing mix of suspense and character development but is let down by blunt storytelling. Perhaps better reserved as an airport read, it offers surprisingly little pay-off.

Noori Passela is a frequent contributor to The National

Published: October 3, 2013 04:00 AM